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At Midwest Radon Services, Inc, we have over a decade offering comprehensive radon mitigation services in La Grange Park, IL. Radon is a radioactive gas that, without proper control, poses health risks. In fact, it is associated with lung cancer. High levels of dangerous gas have been found in multiple schools across the country. Our radon specialists are licensed and insured to mitigate this threat from every corner of the building.

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Given that radon is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas it’s almost undetectable. The only effective way to identify if there’s any action needed is to test for it. Performing a radon test on your school’s property is essential to prevent any dangerous long-term health risks. Our team is qualified to customize a mitigation plan with the timelines and radon remediation costs. This ongoing program helps keep radon levels in check.

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As hazardous as it is, radon high levels can be remediated with radon abatement or radon reduction systems. All systems installed by our team at Midwest Radon Services, Inc, meet or exceed IEMA and EPA standards as well as Illinois building code requirements. From start to finish, we ensure every classroom is safe from radon. Call our team in La Grange Park, IL, and get a free estimate.

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