Commercial Radon Remediation System Installation in La Grange Park, IL

Radon is a hazardous gas released from the soil, when it infiltrates the interior of buildings through cracks in the structure or other similar points, the concentration of this radioactive gas can reach dangerous levels. Our team at Midwest Radon Services, Inc, Inc. has over 11 years working with commercial property owners to keep buildings in the La Grange Park, IL area radon-free. We’re fully licensed and insured to perform high-quality radon remediation system installations for commercial properties.

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We provide specialized radon management plans based on your property’s unique needs so it’s easily incorporated into your building’s maintenance procedures. Our planning starts with measuring radon gas in partnership with a professional tester. If the results indicate unsafe radon levels, we customize an action plan with detailed timelines and radon mitigation costs. If there are no dangerous levels of radon in the property, we issue recommendations to keep regular radon testing.

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No matter the size of the space, we handle all your radon mitigation needs. From multi-family dwellings to restaurants, you can count on us! Our priority is to help you keep the public safe from health risks associated with radon gas. Reach our team in La Grange Park, IL, to start the planning!

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