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CASA DURANGO – Radon/Soil Gas Control System

Project Recap: Radon Soil Gas Control System


Reduce radon gas levels to below the EPA action level of 4.0 pCi/L.

Key Activities

  1. Assessment: Reviewed premeasurement environmental testing to evaluate proper mitigation standards.
  2. Consultation: Provided consultation to discuss mitigation strategies and address any concerns.
  3. Site Review: Obtained and reviewed site plans, drawings, and measurement reports to determine the mitigation process and design.


  • Installed 3 Passive Radon Mitigation Systems following ANSI-AARST CC-1000 2018 National Standard and IL Section 422.150 Radon Mitigation Standard.
  • Developed shop drawings for record-keeping.
  • Licensed Radon Mitigation Technician performed on-site inspections throughout the installation.
  • Worked with the customer to follow the appropriate timeline and scheduling.

Testing and Quality Control

  • Conducted Pressure Field Extension (PFE) tests to ensure adequate airflow.
  • Prepared an Operation, Maintenance, and Monitoring (OM&M) Plan for maintenance staff.
  • Completed a final report outlining mitigation procedures, warranty, diagnostic testing, and certification of compliance with ANSI-AARST CC-1000 2018 National Standard.

Scope of Work

  • System Design: Collaborated with stakeholders to review plans and provide support and installation for a compliant design.
  • On-Site Inspection: Verified proper subgrade materials, drainage, and absence of high-water tables or foundation drain systems.
  • Installation Details:
    • Installed 1,000 linear feet of geotextile matting and 3 Passive Radon/Soil Gas Mitigation Systems.
    • Performed multiple inspections and repairs to ensure proper sealing and compliance with standards.
    • Conducted Pressure Field Extension Testing and final inspections to confirm system functionality and compliance.

Labels and Documentation

  • Labeled all system components and provided detailed instructions for maintenance.
  • Conducted final inspections to ensure no alterations were made and compliance was maintained.

Final Testing

  • Reviewed initial and post-mitigation radon measurement reports, confirming all locations recorded radon levels below the EPA action level.
  • Recommended biannual testing to monitor system effectiveness.




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